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5 Affordable Fashion Must-Haves This Spring

Posted on March 19, 2015

This year Fashion Week’s Spring trends are filled with elegant and inspiring looks. However, sometimes it can be challenging to be trendy without breaking the bank. Not to worry, we have selected five amazing must-haves of the spring season inspired by Fashion Week trends.  And the most exciting part is – it won’t leave you broke. 


So make sure to follow this list the next time you go shopping. 

1. Elegant Slimmed-Down A-Line Skirt


With a slightest touch of luxury this suede skirt will make your legs look longer, and the waist-cinching silhouette will balance out your figure and are perfect for every occasion. The spicy suede colour perfectly matches and complements other colours. 


Suede Skirt by H&M, £99.99

2. Chic Bag

Bright coloured bags are no longer the trend, instead opt for camel colour or any other shades of brown colour. This choice is both practical and trendy. So what’s there not to love? 

Dark Brown Mini Satchel by River Island, £20.00


Leather Shoulder Bag by H&M, £79.99

3. Hip Length Jackets

Forget about last season’s oversized jackets. This season is all about hip-length, shrunken styles that will complement your figure and can be worn both as a jacket or a cardigan. We love this chic brown leather-look biker jacket from River Island. 

Brown Leather-Look Zip Biker Jacket by River Island, £60.00

4. White Blouses

White colour never goes out of trend, it’s a timeless classic. Try out different designs for an extra something, such as cropped style, or crocheted blouse. Fresh and elegant, this item is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Blouse With Pin-Tucks by H&M, £17.49


Peplum Blouse by H&M, £19.99

5. Waist-Hugging Belts

This brilliant item will accentuate all your best features and add a finishing touch to your look. You can also wear it with jackets or tunics to show off your waist.   

Waist Belt by H&M, £7.99


Leather Waist Belt by H&M, £24.99