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Greenwich Park's opening times this Black Friday

(‘and we’ve got 5 insider tips to help you survive it’…)

Posted on November 25, 2015

Here's your essential opening time info: 


Sportsdirect.com: 10am-7pm

JD Sports: 9am-7pm

Clarks: 10am-6pm

Next: 10am-8pm

H&M: 10am-7pm

New Look: 10am-7pm

Boots: 9am-8pm

Maplin: 8am-8pm

OUTFIT: 9am-8pm

River Island: 9am-8pm

Hobbycraft: 9am-7pm

Costa: 10am-7:30pm



Finally, here are the 6 insider tips to help you survive Black Friday



1: Prepare for the worst…


Yep, you remember that iconic Black Friday video from 2014… who knew things could get so violent??
Let’s be honest though, I doubt very much Greenwich Park will witness that scale of madness.
But either way, be prepared for it to be a little busier than usual – keep your kids where you can see them and your purses by your side…
You can never predict Black Friday madness!



2: Check the deals beforehand and write a list


The majority of the shops at Greenwich Park will start advertising their Black Friday offers this week.
Hard-core Black Friday shoppers will have a pre-browse on the shop websites to be clued up on the types of offers… serious hard-core shoppers will even write a list! Believe it or not, this is actually a good idea, especially if you’ve still got some of that dreaded Christmas shopping to do.
Have a browse at the offers beforehand, write a list of what you want, and hey-ho, you’re on for a successful day!



3: Impulse buying is a real thing, you know!


Agree on a spending budget!!! The aim of Black Friday is to entice you with amazing offers –and as incredible as that half price 50” TV is, it also has the tendency to drain your wallet and make you feel ‘guilt buy’ later on (oh yes, that’s also a real thing).
Go into a shop with a strict budget in mind and you’re more likely to have a successful, sensible and guilt-free day.



4: Remember those shopping bags


Don’t go spending 5p on a plastic carrier bag for every item you buy, bring your reusables – they’re not the coolest of things, we know, but every penny helps!



5: Think of alternatives…


Don’t say we didn’t warn you when the woman in front of you grabs the last pair of size 4 heels that were a match made in heaven for your outfit next week!!
Don’t let your 50% off dream shoes vanish before your eyes… find alternatives!
There’s bound to be some shoes equally as beautiful as those. Just as we said in Tip 2, do your research – there might be an even more perfect pair of glittery stilettos next door.



6: Keep your sanity intact…


This sounds stupid, we know, but you never know how the Black Friday fever will affect you.
Have a break during the day, chill and treat yourself to a Costa, or even make an excuse for some lunch.
Who knew shopping could be such a stressful task? Sit down with your friends, order a grande gingerbread latte, and rave over the AMAZING deals you’ve just had!



Happy Black Friday shopping everyone!!