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How to turn Your Home into a Magical Winter Wonderland with GSP Homesense

Posted on December 17, 2020

We know you’ve probably been itching to put up the Christmas decorations since September, but with December well under way it’s officially time to get festive and deck the halls!


Whether you’re a someone who believes you can never have enough tinsel strewn across the house or a perfectionist who can’t help but feel a little bit tense when the kids get too involved, GSP Homesense has just about everything you need to turn your home into a beautiful Winter Wonderland that is unique and personal to you this Christmas.




Who says it’s going to be a white Christmas?

Whether you love traditional Christmas colours or like to add a modern twist to your palette, developing your own festive interior colour scheme is key.


If you need inspiration for your Christmas colour palette, the first thing you should to do is visit GSP Homesense. In store, home accessories are organised by colour, so by simply walking up and down the aisles, you’ll easily be able to figure out how individual colours make you feel.


Once you’ve found your favourite mix of hues, start searching for items that fit within your chosen scheme.




Play with all the senses

Your home Christmas composition is obviously, very important. However, in order to have a style that really makes a statement, you need to create an experience.


Fur rugs and woollen throws complement ornate decorations perfectly and scented candles, like cinnamon and pumpkin, will ensure that even the air feels festive. If you’re feeling extra, you could even bake some treats and place them in decorative bowls for a taste of Christmas.


Playing Michael Bublé non-stop may be some peoples’ dream, but for most of us it will likely get old very quickly. Instead, why not consider interior pieces and decorations that will add a festive note to the everyday — a few bells on the tree, a jingly door knocker or even some talking toys will do the trick.




Big moods come from small accents

While it’s easy to think big is better, keeping an eye on the little features, such as wall hangings, coasters and shelves, is what is going to make you a Christmas King or Queen.


Metallics are a great way to turn little features into accents that highlight your style. Gold looks extra luxurious when paired with warm tones like burgundy and amber, while silver oozes elegance with colder tones like forest green and violet. Keep your eye out for the little things in Homesense that will really make a difference throughout your home.




Start with the most important feature

The tree may seem like the most important feature of your Christmas homescape. However. if there’s something else that’s really important to you, whether it be a Christmas family photo, a nativity scene centre piece, or life-size light-up reindeer, then why not use this as a focus?


If the item is small, bring it with you to store and compare it next to complementary items. If it’s big, leave it at home, but bring along a picture and some measurements. This way, not only will you be able to see what else you have room for, but you’ll also be able to mix and match items that aren’t going to clash.




Speaking of things that clash…

Toddlers and glass ornaments. Cats and Christmas trees. Dogs and chocolate advent calendars. Young children and pets should always be considered when putting up Christmas decorations. However, having a few little elves running round needn’t affect your Winter Wonderland…


Greenwich Shopping Park Homesense has a great selection of Christmas items that look great while still being practical, including child-proofing solutions and Christmas-themed children’s entertainment. This means you can keep in with your festive theme, while keeping your children safe and out of trouble. Just a few more days on the Nice List!


There’s also a specific section for chew toys, scratching posts and all things pet related, that’ll make your furry friends feel right at home in your new pet-safe, child-proof Winter Wonderland.


Please remember to always read the labels on food, toys and decorations to make sure they’re suitable to have around children and animals.




Leave room for activities

There’s no point in having a Winter Wonderland if you can’t enjoy it, so make sure you leave room for activities. Board games are fantastic way to dress up a table and make your Winter Wonderland interactive. We’d recommend having a festive pack of playing cards or post-it notes readily available too, to ensure the festivities keep flowing.


For side stands and dining tables, textured place mats, patterned napkins and decorative candle holders are all that’s needed to tie existing furniture into the festive fun, while making sure they’re still practical, useful and of course, leave enough room for the all-important food and drink.


Get all the family involved – strategically!

For a Winter Wonderland that’s uniquely yours, it’s so important to get your loved ones involved (however, you will be forgiven for redoing the tree if the kids have placed every decoration in the same patch three foot off the ground!).


But, if you want to skip redoing the tree, try getting them involved in other activities like making decorations with GSP Homesense’s art and crafts materials. Homemade cards and bakes are always received well by family and friends, so make sure you visit the baking section too for Christmas cookie cutters and festive flavours. If your partner is the subject of your design dilemma, try agreeing on different areas in the house to own – from the living room to the dining room, outside, inside and even entertainment and food.


Christmas is such a lovely time of year. Whether it’s having the biggest tree or getting the most out of time spent with your family, what you make of it is the most important thing.


Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Greenwich Shopping Park.


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